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|  Nov 02, 2018
|  Lindsay Waterhouse
Letter from the MIPTL President
Presidents Cup Tournament 2019
Main draw finalists: Orienta - Michele Jellinick & Jane Foster Winners: Siwanoy - Melissa Warble & Jen Mackasey Consolation finalists: Sleepy Hollow - Jan Wagner & Shannon Wangeman Winners: Shenorock - Courtney DeMiero & Hadley Miller Congratulations! And thanks to all who come out to play. A great time was had by all!
Letter from the MIPTL President
Letter from the MIPTL President Hello and welcome back to another season of MIPTL paddle!  The board and I have been working to get the season up and running and we’re excited to get the matches started. Flights 1-4 will hold their first matches on Tuesday, October 23rd, flights 5-7 on Thursday, October 25th and flight 8 on Thursday, November 8th.    All captains should be aware of the league rules and should have their booklets with them at matches in case questions come up.  A few important rules I’d like to point out:  Best v. Best: Captains are expected to field the best possible competition at all levels. Scoring: It is the responsibility of the home captain to enter the match scores on the day of the match. Rain dates: If a Tuesday match is postponed due to unplayable weather, the match is made up on Friday.  If a Thursday match is postponed, the match is made up on the following Monday. We are happy that our league has now grown to over 60 teams.  This is a testament to our love and commitment to this amazing sport.  However, the number of courts available for play is unfortunately not growing as fast as the number of players who want to play.  This creates scheduling problems for our matches.  Therefore, there are a few instances where clubs will have 2 home matches scheduled on the same day.  We avoided this wherever we could, but with many clubs fielding 2 and 3 teams on the same day, it was impossible to avoid all together.  Please look over your schedules and if you have an overlap, please work with your other captain to stagger the match. Wishing everyone an enjoyable season, Kathy McMahon MIPTL President
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